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Nilavoor Lake

Nilavoor Lake

Nilavoor Lake is an artificial lake flanked by a garden on its banks that is situated in the Nilavoor village in Yelagiri. It is one of the popular Yelagiri tourist places, frequented by boating enthusiasts.

Visitors can enjoy pedal and motorboat rides while enjoying the picture-perfect surroundings of hilly terrains, tranquil waters, clement weather, and salubrious air. Nature lovers can take a stroll on the banks, savor the quietude, and relax.

The dawn and dusk reflect an array of striking colors on the lake waters and a present exhilarating sight to the visitors. Major attractions in and around Nilavoor Lake include Velavan Temple, Punganur Lake, Murugan Temple, Jalagamparai Falls, Thambiran Lotus pond, etc,

Locations: Nilavoor village, Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu.

Distance from Our Resort: Approx. 2 Km.